A celebration of local plants & people.

We look forward to seeing you November 3rd at Zilker Botanical Garden!  Here is our initial list of classes.  As classes continue to be confirmed, you will find them here.

The final 2018 Class Schedule will be posted closer to the event.  If you are already registered, don’t worry… we will email you the class schedule and conference notes before you arrive.

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Doing The Hard Things with Mary Ayodele

Acting from conscience is not always easy. 

This class will cover strategies to build resilience from overcoming hardships in our lives.  We will explore herbs and rituals coming from the africana cosmology to help bring a better flow into our lives.

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Honoring our Hormones with Herbs and Ceremony with Aremisa Haley

Hormones are the chemical messengers between the systems of the body.

What messages are our hormones sending us? What are they telling us about our physical and energetic selves? How can we create a deeper sense of self and healing by listening to our hormonal messages? This workshop will cover:

  • A basic understanding of hormonal health and the endocrine system.
  • How the body and spirit are impacted by a disruption in the hormonal system.
  • How the hormonal system can be supported by herbal therapy.
  • The benefit of ceremony on the hormones and their messages.
Journeying Through Grief with Beth Ebbing Johnson

Grief can look many different ways and everyone processes differently.

What might work for me might be different for you. In this class we will cover ways you may wish to start your healing journey.

  • Vibrational energies of flower & gem essences
  • Energetics of heart healing plants, along with the some of the “Go to” essential oils to help shift grief
  • Discuss a bit about what it might look like to walk alongside the dying as a death doula
Materia Motus with Brandi Jo Perkins

An experiential class exploring the subtle energy of plant medicine through movement.

Attendees will be encouraged to create a 3-part movement sequence after taking a mystery herb. As we are motivated to move through the energetics of the plant, our body will become a blueprint for its translation, that will become a mantra. The movement will become mantra for calling upon this plant in the cellular memory. It’s a fun way to get to know yourself and the plants in relationship. Please wear loose fitting clothing.

Strategies for Successful Herb Cultivation with Jenny Perez


 Learn about resources and strategies for successful herb cultivation including site location, soil, seeds, and seaweed! Harvesting and post-harvest handling tips will be discussed as well as the concept of value-added products. This class is designed to keep central Texas gardeners inspired while working smarter and not harder.  

The Crone: A Ceremony with Carol-lee Fisher

This age old ceremony empowers women who have started menopause and older to claim the title of “wise women” and accept their rightful place in the world, with joy and celebration.

This ceremony is open to maidens, and women of all ages to come witness and honor the new crones . This interactive ceremony includes chant, dance, blessing, and calls upon each crone to share the wisdom they have learned in their many years of experience. This is a time of taking a new name, as we move beyond the middle years to the time of being old, wise, and powerful.

It's Not the Pollen...It's You! Herbal Allies for Allergies with Charlotte Kikel

Just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s normal.

Many times we feel like victims when it comes to suffering from seasonal allergies. Yes, some environments are more challenging than others, but the first step to healing is to realize that we are participants and the co-creators of our lives. This class will address the things we do that contribute to allergic physiology, as well as how to help you build your natural medicine cabinet so you can be as prepared as possible when the next seasonal stressor hits. There is hope!

Potentizing Herbal Medicine with Colloidial Gold with Esther Schroeder

Live demonstration of how to make colloidal gold and use it to empower all herbal medicines

We can close with a short meditation focused on developing golden consciousness, and a brief introduction to how it fits into alchemical theory

Hawthorn, Rose, Mimosa, and Peach: Herbal Allies for the Heart Chakra with Ginger Webb

Love and Grief: we desire one and resist the other

but they are both part of the human experience and are both centered at the heart chakra, the nervous system plexus that pulses in the middle of the chest.

In this class, we will discuss the human experiences of grief, alienation, loneliness, and attachment, as well as unconditional love and acceptance, and explore how our herbal allies can support us while we navigate these feelings.

Unraveling the Mystery of Sexual Radiance for Women’s Health & Vitality with Maria Carbonell

You may know a woman who has “it”. She can wear a rice sack and still ooze juiciness and beauty.

Both men and women are drawn to her, even better she draws in her desires through her magnetism, an energy that is cultivated from within. We explore the new paradigm of health where sexual health is about vitality, radiant beauty, and naturally feeling in your feminine. This session will include a brief introduction to Ayurveda and “the sensual woman medicine cabinet” of top herbal aphrodisiacs and aromatic potions to increase vitality and sensuality.

Flying Ointments and Entheogens with Nicole Telkes

Take a witchy journey: the age old tradition of flying ointments, the history,  ingredients, and how to make them.

An Ointment will be demoed and you will get to try it. We will also cover some common entheogenic/visionary plants, and the pros and cons associated with experimentation.

Medicinal Plant Walk with Nicole Telkes

Join us for a walk around Zilker botanical garden looking at the medicinal qualities of some of the plants growing there

The Wisdom of Oral Tradition: Plants from Mexico with Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli

Curanderismo in Mexico is based on Aztec, Mayan, and Spanish influences.

The ancient native cultures believed that a delicate balance existed betweenhealth, nature, and spirituality. Illness occurred when one of these areas was out of balance. The use of natures resources was very important to the native cultures. In the fifteenth century, the Huaxtepec garden in Mexico, Tenochtitlan was developed by the Aztec Tlahtoani (Appointed Leader) Moctezuma I. This
garden was a collection of several thousand medicinal plants. The Aztec priests and priestesses used this garden to perform research on the medicinal properties of the plants. There are rescued codices that reflect this knowledge. When the Spanish invaders under the leadership of Hernan Cortez came to Mexico in the sixteenth century, they destroyed the garden and all of the priests & research because the Catholic Church considered these “sciences”  to be blasphemous and satanical. Although the written knowledge was destroyed, the plant wisdom was remembered, passed down by the native peoples, and became an integral part of Curanderismo. The Spanish missionaries who were sent to the New World introduced the native peoples to the Catholic religion and European healing philosophies. Prayers to Catholic saints were soon integrated into healing rituals. Curanderismo is used to treat ailments arising from physical, psychological, spiritual, or social conditions. Illness is said to be caused by either natural or supernatural forces. This workshop will focus and concentrate on identification of the most common plants used for ailments that have been identified in common households and have been passed down from generation to generation and you can find in most Mexica homes up to this day.

Cycles and Plants: The Day, Month, and Year in Healing with Will Morris

This class will explore the relationship between cycles of the day, month, and year to health conditions as demonstrated in conventional medical research.

It is surprising the degree to which conventional medicine demonstrates the effect of the three most important cycle phenomena in astrology. We will explore the use of the cycle for the purposes of developing herbal treatment strategies based upon plant parts and therapeutic categories. This approach has roots in many indigenous cultures, and adds profoundly to the efficacy of herbal medicine.

Strange Flowers: The Nature of Being Queer with Meg Houston

In this time together we will explore what it means to be queer, and how this unique expression is reflected all throughout nature.

With space to share our own experiences and predilections around this topic, we will unpack the stiff boxes of identity our culture categorizes us in, with the hopes of communal healing and newfound understanding around the topic. The latter part of this gathering will focus on bioregional + queer plant allies for ritual, protection, elevation, and nervous system support. All are welcome, whether you consider yourself a part of the LGBTQIA community or an ally who wishes to learn more around this topic. Come as you are.

Native Herbalism and Traditional Healing from Southern Mexico with Filiberto Delgado

In traditional medicine, learning and the use of plants is very broad, because it requires wisdom gleaned from a deep understanding of astronomy, history, agronomy, chemistry, and philosophy.

All of this comes from being in the “laboratory” of daily life. Graduations, or examinations of herbal and healing knowledge do not require passing written tests, but is a lifelong journey. This class will bring you herbs and healing practices from traditional peoples of Southern Mexico, and how traditional peoples use herbal knowledge in day-to-day life.

The Boogieman and The Bedfellow: The Energetics of Depression with Anneliese Wainwright

Bad case of the blues?
“I was so angry, I could scream!” 
But what happens when you can’t scream?

Let’s talk about the boogieman under the bed….anger! **insert monster here!**…
and what happens when the injury of repressed anger on your energetic body manifests as depression. **insert crying person in bed all day here**
We will tell you all about lifestyle, dietary, and herbal support to help you start feeling better.
Together we will learn some practices to incorporate into your daily life to jump start your own work and healing.
We will send you home with somatic goodies, and ideas of favorite herbs to continue exploring this new perspective.