the story of moonflower

Once upon a time a girl picked her way down a dry, dusty, and lonely path. 

She came to the edge of a stream and was scared to cross, but took a step in.  The icy cold water swirled around her legs and she felt more and more unsteady but with each step she was sure she needed to, had to, complete the journey .  She struggled to the other side and stumbled out into a secret place.  The place where the moonflowers grow.   A place of enchantment, where the wind whispered tales of our ancestors in the rustling leaves, where spirits spoke thru plants and rocks, and mushrooms giggled as she tiptoed by.  It was as if she could hear and see for the first time, like a veil had been raised. The Earth was alive and speaking to her. Slowly she lifted her gaze up and around, and she realized she was not alone.  Many others like herself were walking with her in the magick.  She was part of everything.  The woman then came together with all that had gathered in dance and song and celebrated the mysteries………….and all of the sacred that had been forgotten was remembered.

meet the moonflower team

Meet the Moonflower Staff! We work hard all year to bring you Moonflower Herb Fest. You can find our individual businesses below, as well as our social media and contact emails.

Darlene Starr
Project Manager & Sponsorship coordinator

Darlene is an Austin Herbalist and founder of Road Dog Health & Wellness. She specializes in Pros on the Go – and is the Project Manager for Moonflower Herb Fest.

Madeline Novak
Website, Vendors & Registration

Madeline, cofounder of Old Factory and Parousia lends her experience as an herbal skincare brand to coordinate the Moonflower Vendor Village. She also builds and maintains the Moonflower website.

Emily miller
marketing + social media

Emily is an aspiring herbalist and the newest member of the Moonflower team. She is taking the lead on our social media and marketing efforts, and is excited to be a part of the growing herbal community in Austin.

founding friends of moonflower

Beth Ebbing Johnson Sacred Moon Herbs

Beth Ebbing Johnnson
sacred moon herbs

While Beth has moved on to other herbal adventures, we want to thank her so much for her hard work and dedication to creating and Moonflower Herbfest.  You can visit her at Sacred Moon Herbs in Dripping Springs, and she will still be teaching / vending at Moonflower.

sue gore-berryman
tumbleweed botanicals

Sue is an herbalist and founder of Tumbleweed Botanicals based in Lubbock, Texas. She helped jumpstart this conference in many ways, we are so appreciative of everything she has done!