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Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine Austin Texas Moonflower Sponsor

Wildflower school of botanical medicine
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At the Wildflower School we work to be of service to the plants and our community.  We use herbalism as a tool to build a stronger and healthier world. Social and environmental justice plays a strong role in our evolving curriculum .

Road Dog Health and Wellness Moonflower Herb Fest Sponsor Austin Texas

road dog health & wellness
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Road Dog Health & Wellness specializes in applied herbalism and nutrition to support and fit the way we live on a daily basis.Holistic solutions for pros on the go.

Old Factory Parousia Perfumes Moonflower Sponsor 2018

old factory llc
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Old Factory specializes in unique, natural skincare and home products.Mastercrafted, naturally driven artisan soap, natural perfume, bath salt, and home products.

Frontier Coop
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Frontier Co-op has been a leading supplier of products supporting a natural lifestyle since 1976, emphasizing quality, organics and social responsibility. A member-owned co-op, Frontier encourages a more sustainable and responsible way of doing business. Our company mission is to “Nourish people and planet. Always be fair.” We give back 4% of our net profit in social giving each year, with over half going to its small-scale growers and their communities. We deal directly with these growers through our sustainable sourcing program called Well Earth.

Sacred journey school of herebalism
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Sacred Journey School of Herbalism offers an 8-month, 200-hour herbalist training program, along with Community Classes, Kitchen Witchery Classes, and Advanced Level courses. Founder Ginger Webb’s intention is not just to train people to become herbalists, but most importantly to help awaken and nurture their innate love for the plants and the earth. Ginger counts many teachers along her herbal path, most notably Michael Moore (1999 SWSBM graduate) and Sage Maurer (Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education). She is one of the pillars of the Central Texas herbalist community and may be best known for combining the ancient wisdom of the chakra system with Western herbal medicine in her Materia Medica.

Mountain Rose Herb Logo Sponsor Moonflower Herb Fest

Frontier Coop
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Mountain Rose Herbs offers high-quality organically grown herbs, spices, teas, essential oils, and botanical goods. In 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs made it their mission to provide plant lovers with exceptional organic botanicals harvested with the utmost respect for the places they grow and the people who grow them. Since then, Mountain Rose Herbs has never ceased reimagining what good business can accomplish or working to turn their dreams into reality. Learn more about Mountain Rose Herbs at

typewriter tarot
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Typewriter Tarot is a collective of practiced Tarot readers based in Austin and Houston, Texas. We offer private readings in person or remotely (via FaceTime or Skype), as well as readings for couples, readings for events, parties, pop-ups, openings, or any gathering.

7 Feathers Trading Post Moonflower Herb Fest Vendor 2018

7 feathers trading post
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Feathers Trading Post closes the loop between the Whole Life Learning Center and greater community by cultivating and preparing herbal medicine, bulk herbs and organic plant starts. We connect people to plant medicine and are a living example of sustainability in Central Texas.

We are nestled in the lush the medicinal forest garden at The Whole Life Learning Center in Austin, TX which  provides the majority of the ingredients we use to handcraft our herbal medicine.​

Wild Thymee Herb shop
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Nancy Morgan opened Wild Thyme Herb Shop in June of 2010, in Bastrop, Texas. he was excited to have the opportunity to offer natural, safe, holistic options for people who were looking for something other than allopathic, western medicine, which seemed to just push medications and not give answers.Wild Thyme Herb Shop offers many holistic options, bulk herbs, natural soaps, apothecary supplies, plant medicines (tinctures and salves), herbal consultations to get to the root of your issues, and more. Nancy also teaches class in the back of the shop once or twice a month, with topics from “Herbs to balance your Chakras” to “Herbs for your Circulatory System”, and everything in between.



Skillful Paws Acupressure & Massage
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Christina Hardinger is a certified large and small animal massage and acupressure practitioner, and a certified aromatherapist. Her business, Skillful Paws LLC, is mobile and has offered in-home holistic animal care since 2007. Bodywork is a wonderful way to keep your animals healthy throughout the different stages of their life. Christina also makes custom made essential products, tailored to your pet’s needs.